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Printing in Alma

NOTE: Printing via emails is the no longer required. The recommended way to handle printing is to use the online printing functionality instead. For more details see the online help

Alma works in a cloud and thus as is the case with cloud based software all physical printing (printing to paper) is based on email rules.

The email rules are made in external (not Alma) software.

For printing (to actual physical paper) in Alma many libraries have used external software such as Namtuk (for pay) and “Thunderbird” (free) with “FiltaQuilla” add-on.  This is especially the case when the printer does not already have a specific email address.

The most basic method is to use an Outlook rule.

It’s basically a rule that states “if the email is sent to whatever address or contains whatever subject or contains whatever text then use whatever printer” (or the default printer depending on the method).

For details on using Thunderbird and Namtuk see:

Here is a filter in a free software called “Thunderbird” (free) with “FiltaQuilla” add-on which will print the letter to the client’s default printer.  These rules can be quickly changed and can “channel” the letters to a variety of folders and printers.

Here is a filter in Outlook which will print the letter to a default printer if the subject has “On Hold Shelf”.

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  1. Hey, you mention that FiltaQuilla can print to a “specified printer”; it appears to only allow printing to the client’s default printer. Would you elaborate? Thanks!

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