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Publishing records from Alma to Hathi Trust 1


  • Margaret Briand Wolfe. Systems Librarian, Boston College
  • Yoel Kortick.  Senior Librarian, Ex Libris


  1. Main Explanatory Document (includes instructions and references to other attachments)
  2. Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Perl File untar_hathi.txt (rename suffix to .pl)
  4. Perl File alma_to_hathi.txt (rename suffix to .pl)
  5. Normalization Routine Hathi Trust – 5 Hathi remove all except 001 035 022 074 901.txt (remove suffix .txt)

Note: “untar_hathi.txt” and “alma_to_hathi.txt” are perl files and should have extension ‘pl’ but some PCs will not allow a ‘pl’ to be downloaded.
Therefore suffix has changed here – rename after download to ‘pl’ suffix.

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