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Reinstalling the AEK CLI

The AEK CLI is designed to be installed under a supported version of Node.js. Currently that’s 10.x, and we’re looking to add support for 14.x in the near future. This is a quick guide to just reset your installation if something has gone wrong.

This assumes you’ve already followed all the setup around Yarn and the system path (that shouldn’t be removed when you uninstall Yarn), as well as gulp, in this blog post.

  • npm uninstall -g @ombiel/aek-cli
  • yarn global remove @ombiel/aek-cli
  • Test with the following in your terminal: aek
  • This should now return an error. Now do the following, in order:
  • npm config set @ombiel:registry
    • If in PowerShell, you will need to wrap the registry string in double quotes, e.g. npm config set "@ombiel:registry"
    • Check this with npm config list. Some terminal software may require the URL to be wrapped in quotes.
  • npm install -g yarn
  • yarn global add
    • You may have to re-add the Yarn config again (see “Windows users” on this page) before installing the aek-cli again.
  • aek --version at this point should return:
    • aek-cli-support: 1.1.1
    • aek-cli: 1.0.7

Versions of aek-cli-support and aek-cli will be changing once the Node 14-compatible CLI is released.

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