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Integrating IA Book Reader as a Rosetta Viewer

The IA Book Reader is an External Viewer that can be integrated with Rosetta. This viewer can show images (JPEG, JP2000, PNG) in the form of book pages, which makes it a great option for delivering scanned books.

The IA Book Reader VPP prepares the IE for delivery by confirming the files’ format is supported, copying all the files of the IE to a temporary cached folder, and naming the files according the convention expected by the viewer (e.g. FILE0001.JPEG).

After processing all the files, the VPP passes the file paths to the viewer, using getFilePathByDvs(String dvs, String pid) that will bring the files from the cache for display.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the viewer (book-reader-viewer.war) and the VPP (BookReaderViewerPreProcessorPlugin.jar)
  2. Copy the VPP to your plugin directory ($op_dir/plugins/custom) and confirm deployment via the Rosetta Plugin UI.
  3. In the viewer package, open /web/conf/ and replace the ‘wsdlLocation’ property hostname and port with your application server hostname and port.
  4. Repackage book-reader-viewer.war and deploy the viewer. Note: It is recommended to deploy the viewer on an external application server, as Ex Libris cannot guarantee future changes to the Rosetta application server will be compatible with the viewer.
  5. In Rosetta’s viewer management UI, add the Book Reader as an external viewer. The viewer URL should be {host}/book-reader-viewer/BookReaderViewer? , and the VPP should be BookReaderViewerPreProcessor.
  6. Create a delivery rule for your viewer.

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