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Integrating IA Book Reader with ALTO Support as a Rosetta Viewer

The IA Book Reader is an External Viewer that can be integrated with Rosetta.
The viewer has been enhanced to deliver jpg images with ALTO in the form of book pages and highlighted search terms:

The VPP requires separate representations for images and ALTO files. Both representations should be included in the representation profile that is used by the Book Reader viewer.

This plugin only supports delivery of jpg with ALTO. Users can download the source code and extend the VPP to support other image formats that are supported by the IA Book Reader. Please note that if you are not using ALTO, another IA Book Reader VPP that supports other formats can be used.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the viewer (book-reader-viewer-alto.war) and VPP (BookReaderViewerPreProcessorAltoPlugin.jar).
  2. Copy the VPP to your plugin directory and confirm deployment via the Rosetta Plugin UI.
  3. Deploy the viewer. Note: It is recommended to deploy the viewer on an external application server, as Ex Libris cannot guarantee future changes to the Rosetta application server will be compatible with the viewer.
  4. In Rosetta’s viewer management UI, add the Book Reader as an external viewer. The viewer URL should be {host}/book-reader-viewer-alto, and the VPP should be BookReaderViewerPreProcessorAlto.
  5. Create a delivery rule for your viewer.


A deposit data example is available here.


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  1. Hi Opher

    Thank you for your help in sorting out my problem — the viewer is working well in our ‘test’ environment

    Thank you for pointing out that i was missing a rep profile that included both reps (Representation Profile Configuration | Representation Entity Type needed the image and the Alto XML file


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