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Send Emails Populated With Form Data

This project gives an example of how you can use forms. It also shows how you can send emails (that are populated with form data) from an AEK project.
The corresponding GitHub project to this blog can be found here.

Use Case Examples

  • Feedback form
  • Incident report
  • Simple survey
  • Report a problem
  • Request information

Information About Sending Emails

You can change who the email is from by editing the ECT file (found here) – change the email in {{ email.from("") }} to whatever email you choose. At the moment the project allows the end user to type in an email address which specifies who the email will be sent to. You can customize this and only list a specific set of emails that the end user can choose from, or you could configure the recipient within the project (so the end user doesn’t have to provide this info). Additional information about sending emails can be found here in the server side docs.


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