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Simple Routing Example

This blog discusses the router, which can be used to set up multiple pages within an AEK tile. 

The corresponding GitHub project to this blog can be found here

File Guide

setup-routes.js – This shows how you can set up multiple routes and associate them with pages/screens within your AEK project. The “path” prop is set to define the route, which can be used to render the given page component. You will be able to use this path within other pages to redirect your user.

page-one.js – This is the initial page that is rendered on the screen. It includes a simple button that redirects the user to the second page. 

page-two.js – This is the second page that is rendered once the button on the home page is clicked. It also includes a simple button that can redirect the user back to the home page (you can start to see how you could use these routes in a nav bar).


Once the project is up and running, it will show these two simple pages:


Voilà! Happy routing!

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