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SMS Message from OPAC

  • DescriptionIn OPAC add “Text Me This Information” programs sends Title and Call Number via Text Message to Patron’s Cell Phone
  • Author: Paul Asay
  • Additional author(s):
  • Institution: Indiana State University
  • Year: 2009
  • License: BSD style
  • Short description: Text Title and Call Number to Patron from OPAC Bib Display
  • Link to terms: Detailed license terms
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Programming language

XSL and .ASP

Software requirements

ASP Requires Windows based web server (can easily be rewritten in PHP or similar)

Author(s) homepage


Working example

Release notes

Captures 245 Subfield A and 050 and sends to a form which asks patron for Phone Number and Cell Service Provider.  Then sends an email to phone@provider with the Title and Call Number.

Installation instructions

Visit for complete instructions

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