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Tag: Aleph

ALEPH OPAC faceted searching

Matyas F. Bajger

February 14th, 2017

OPAC short results page includes new html element with displaying faceted searching - filters on authors, subjects, years etc. to narrow the current search results. See more/dowload @

Aleph - OPAC - autocomplete

Matyas F. Bajger

February 4th, 2016

Description This adds autocomplete suggestions to Basic search in OPAC. Suggestions are taken from ACC indexes defined by tab01.lng in BIB base and stored in oracle z01 table. How it works Autocomplete menu in OPAC is managed by JavaScript, using

Primo permalinks from Aleph to Alma


September 22nd, 2015

When you migrate from Aleph to Alma, most of your data gets migrated with you.  Unfortunately the permalinks for Primo do not, and so you might have many permalinks in the wild now pointing to defunct servers or links that simply do not exist. This

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