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Testing Alma APIs and integrations on the Guest sandbox

The Guest Sandbox is our demo environment. Users who do not have an institutional account can sign up to the Developers Network portal as guests, test our APIs and retrieve results from our demo environment. Note that only the GET method is supported with the Guest sandbox, and not the POST and PUT methods.

It is also possible to test Alma integrations in that environment – for example, SRU, OAI.

Following are sample IDs that exist in the Guest sandbox, and can be used for testing:

Users (primary id)

  • alan.oliver
  • 200060
  • 3120440865
  • 3128012984

BIB records with electronic inventory (mms id)

  • 991572500000541
  • 9933836900521


BIB records with physical inventory (mms id)

  • 991436710000541
  • 991432780000541


BIB records with digital inventory (mms id)

  • 99213440100562
  • 99213441000562

Item barcodes:

  • 18619
  • 34303
  • 8558-10
  • 333213718
Note that most of our APIs allow retrieving a list of identifiers. For example, GET /almaws/v1/acq/po-lines can be used in order to retrieve a list of PO lines and their identifiers. These identifiers might later be used for other APIs that require a PO line number. Exception for this is the BIB API: this API does not support retrieving a list of BIB records without knowing their MMS ID first. For using the BIB API with our guest sandbox, you can use the MMS IDs listed above. In addition, SRU might be used for searching for BIB records.

SRU in the Guest sandbox

Base URL:

See here for more details about SRU.

OAI in the Guest sandbox

Base URL:

See here for more details about OAI.

Mashup in the Guest sandbox

Base URL:

See here for more details about Alma mashup.

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