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Update on Cloud Apps

It’s been over a year since we introduced Cloud Apps, and we’re so pleased with the reception and adoption they’ve received. The Cloud App framework provides the ability for institutions to develop apps which run inside the Ex Libris cloud platform. This approach brings benefits for institutions, end users, and developers.

  • Institutions have the flexibility to provide additional functionality and productivity short-cuts for their staff
  • End users access the apps directly from their Alma session, without the need to leave their workflow or copy data between applications
  • Developers can publish their apps to the Ex Libris cloud, avoiding the cost and trouble of hosting or maintaining hardware

Cloud Apps have been adopted by the community of Ex Libris customers. They are used thousands of times each month to access new and innovative functionality, provide workflow shortcuts, and facilitate integration with other systems. Here are some of the amazing statistics as of the publishing of this post:


Institutions have enabled Cloud Apps


Users have activated Cloud Apps


Cloud Apps have been published, over half by customer institutions


Cloud Apps have been activated

The innovation of Cloud Apps has also been recognized in the library software community, as demonstrated in an article in the journal Library Technology:

The Ex Libris Cloud App framework of user-installable apps represents a significant advancement in the realm of major library software applications.

Marshall Breeding, 2020

At the height of the pandemic, the Australia/New Zealand Ex Libris Users Group organized a Cloud Apps hackathon. The hackathon resulted in the publishing of three apps which solve real-world challenges for the ANZ users and for users in other institutions worldwide. The hackathon organizers blogged about their experience on the Developer Network blog.

Cloud Apps foster collaboration. When the State Library of New South Wales wanted to integrate and automate their workflow between Alma and Adlib, their archival management software, they turned to both vendors who collaborated on a Cloud App. Their story is documented in a white paper available for download.

Some of the most popular Cloud Apps by activations include:

We can’t wait to see what the creativity and ingenuity of the user and developer community will bring. If you’re looking for more information on Cloud Apps, here are some links which you may find helpful:

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