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Using a Publishing Profile to contribute titles to the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries’ “Library Content Comparison System”

Note that this blog post updates and improves upon a workflow described here:

The following workflow uses Alma Publishing Profiles to set up monthly scheduled publishing jobs.

In order to use this blog post, you should have an understanding of publishing profiles, creating and managing logical sets, and of Alma S/FTP definitions.

You will likely want to set up two publishing profiles in Alma Resources > Publishing > Publishing Profiles

One will be for physical materials.  The other will be for electronic materials.

These publishing profiles will be based on Logical Sets.

(Note that you should be able to right-click on the screenshots that follow to see them full-size)


Set up your publishing profiles with enrichment as shown below.  You can choose whichever MARC field you want to use for the item data.  The Alliance will need to know which field you have chosen to use and what subfields you are sending over to them.  They will have you fill out a spreadsheet with this information.


I will first show you the publishing profile screenshots, then show you screenshots of our sets.  This is all quite straightforward.

These are our two publishing profiles:

here are the profile details for the Electronic profile:

Staff at the Alliance can assist you in setting up your S/FTP configuration. See the bottom of this blog post for our configuration, which you can use as an example.

Note that we have added a unique file name prefix. When the file is uploaded it is sent with a “_new” ending to the filename.

This is the item enrichment for the Electronic Profile:

The above includes our base URL. You will need to know your base URL. Do not use the one you see above!

The following is the Print publishing profile details:

File naming is as the Electronic.

This is the Print enrichment tab:

Both of those profiles make use of logical sets that you see below (ignore the middle one):

Here is the electronic logical set. Note our logic for inclusion (you may choose differently):

Here is our physical set logic. Note the logic used to create it. We chose to exclude suppressed records:

Once your profiles are set up and working, and you have uploaded your file(s), the system will need to index your data. This can take a while. Once that is done, you should be able to use the Comparison facility to generate really cool reports!

Please work with the Alliance to configure your S/FTP settings. Below is an example you can follow of our settings. Yours may be different.

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