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Using MS outlook as a print proxy

NOTE: Printing via emails is the no longer required. The recommended way to handle printing is to use the online printing functionality instead. For more details see the online help

As a cloud solution, Alma cannot simply be connected directly to a local printers due to security concerns and technical limitations. Printing from Alma, therefore, is handled via email. Each library/institution defines the email addresses of its local printers in Alma, which route staff-oriented, Alma-originating e-mails (including request and transit slips) to the appropriate printer.
Newer printers have their own built-in email addresses to support cloud computing. Older printers, however, do not support direct emailing and therefore require a print proxy.

This blog post describes how MS outlook can be used as a print proxy:
  1. Create email address. This address will be used when defining a printer in Alma (Fulfillment Configuration menu – Printers):
  2. Assign this printer account to a circulation desk. See “Editing circulation desks” section in Alma’s on-line help for more details.
  3. Use MS Outlook printing rules in order to channel the incoming letter to the actual physical printer:
      • In MS Outlook upper pane, select Rules – Create Rule:

      • The Rules Wizard is displayed. Select the “Apply rule on messages I receive” option:

      • In step 1 of the “Rules Wizard” you can define a condition based on the sender, based on the letter subject etc. These conditions should be used if you want to channel different letters to different printers. You can also choose to include all the incoming emails, if all should be channeled to the same printer.
      • After a condition is defined, choose the required action: Print it:

    • You can define that after a letter is printed, it should be deleted. You can also choose to keep a copy for reference.

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