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WebVoyage TomCat RefMan (RIS) format export

  • DescriptionAllows export of records from catalogue in RefMan (RIS) format – works with EndNote and other bibliographic managers, including Zotero .
  • Author: Tom Pasley
  • Institution:
  • Universal College of Learning
  • Year: 2010
  • License: BSD style
  • Short description: Use, modification and distribution of the code are permitted provided the copyright notice, list of conditions and disclaimer appear in all related material.
  • Link to terms: Detailed license terms
  • Skill required for using this code:


Generally stable, but in late development stages.

Programming language


Software requirements

WebVoyage Tomcat 7.0.4+

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Working example

Original release

12 April 2010

There will be gunge that comes through from the original MaRC cataloguing:

CY  – Auckland NZ :
PB  – Random House,
PY  – 2003.

– but I’m not sure what can be done about this, as we don’t want to routinely delete that last two or three characters!

Release notes

12 April 2010

Installation is not as tidy as I’d like, but hopefully not too hard.

Installation instructions

Follow the order listed below…

Backup and edit the /xsl/userTextConfigs/pageProperties for your skin, and add a RefMan reference type attribute, (risformat=”*REFTYPE), for each node under the *bibFormats. Use a reference type code which complies with the RIS format specification :

<!-- ## This section defines the text and the icon to use (for results list icons) for bibFormat ## -->
      <bibFormat type="aa" icon="icon_book.gif" risformat="BOOK">Book</bibFormat>
      <bibFormat type="ab" icon="icon_article.gif" risformat="GEN">Article/Pamphlet</bibFormat>
      <bibFormat type="ac" icon="icon_pamphlet.gif" risformat="BOOK">Book</bibFormat>
      <bibFormat type="ad" icon="icon_book.gif" risformat="BOOK">Book</bibFormat>
      <bibFormat type="am" icon="icon_book.gif" risformat="BOOK">Book</bibFormat>
      <bibFormat type="as" icon="icon_serial.gif" risformat="SER">Serial</bibFormat>

A list of reference type codes can be found at:

Edit display_RIS.xsl and change (around lines 62 and 115 in the files) to your Voyager system’s URL.

Copy across the files to your server:





Backup and edit / and add the line: export.format.RIS=RIS.xsl

\# XSL templates to use for each export format.

\# The format name (X in export.format.X) must match exactly the format  name
\# in

\# Note for the export formats Latin1, Raw and UTF-8 there is no xsl file


Then backup and edit / and under this text:

# Note for the export formats Latin1, Raw and UTF-8 there is no xsl file

at some suitable place add these lines (but make sure the order does not clash!)

page.exportDialog.format.RIS.label=RefMan export (RIS)

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