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Welcome to the Ex Libris Developer Network!

We’ve worked hard over the past year to bring to you the next step in our Open Platform Program. The program was instituted five years ago with the goal of providing customers a platform for integration and extension.

We’ve challenged ourselves to take the next step, and to…

Allow you to leverage your investment in Ex Libris products by integrating them with existing systems and by extending them with additional functionality.

Toward that goal, we aim to:

  • Provide far-reaching access to our systems via open interfaces
  • Increase interoperability through advanced integrations with other systems
  • Encourage and support a vibrant developer community
  • Ease the developer experience and increase productivity

The result of that effort is this new platform, which consists of several components:

  • This Developer Portal, which
    • provides a developer home page, with API overviews, documentation, how-to articles, blog entries, integration use cases and guides;
    • includes an API explorer, to help developers discover and test our APIs in the shortest time possible.
  • A new API Proxy, which
    • provides a single endpoint for all open interfaces;
    • provides access to modern REST- and JSON- based APIs;
    • provides authentication via API keys and authentication standards, such as OAuth
  • A new outlet for a developer and IT community, which
    • provides a user-friendly platform for customers to share information;
    • includes forums, blogs, and an outlet for code contributions

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding more and more content to the Developer Portal. And already, all of our new APIs for Alma are being released as REST APIs and are accessible via the platform. We invite you to explore, and provide us feedback on this new direction.

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