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What’s new in Analytics with OAS (Oracle Analytics Server)

This blog post will show what’s new in OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) showing some of the many new features as reflected in Alma Analytics.

You can learn more about the OAS here:  Note however that each implementation of OAS may differ and not everything in this link is what will be implemented.  This is merely a reference point for OAS in general.

See also:

Here we will not focus on the Data Visualization (DV) tool.  For information regarding the Data Visualization (DV) tool see the above links. 

A new Link to create a new report.  “Create” instead of “New”



A new look when choosing subject areas


A new look when browsing the “catalog”


A new look when choosing options on a field


A new view: the Heat Matrix View

From the results tab when choosing “New View” it is now possible to choose Heat Matrix.


The heat matrix is a two-dimensional representation of data.  The values have varying shades of colors.   in which values are characterized by a gradient of colors.  It allows to understand large amounts of data quickly and identify outliers.

Here for example is a report ““.

We are showing here both a standard table (on left) as well as a heat matrix (on right).

Via the Heat Matrix we immediately see that the outliers are

  • Masters Students for all locations (highest loans darkest color)
  • Alumni for Study Rooms location (lowest loans lightest color).

Here is a Heat Matrix next to a table which includes, in the Fulfillment Subject Area, the following fields: Number of Loans,  User Group and Loan Year

Sorting graphs and tables with right click

In OAS it is possible to sort graphs and tables with a right click.  After doing right click a sort dialog box is displayed.  This occurs in the results tab when edit a graph or table and also on a  dashboard page.

For example here we add a stacked horizontal bar for “Expenditure by LC Classification Group and Invoice Line Reporting Code for previous fiscal year”

In the graph we can right click one of the bars and choose “sort” and choose levels and groups

And now we see the sorted graph

Interactive Pie Charts

Clicking a section of a Pie Chart will emphasize that specific section. For example below we have clicked the blue section for “First Year Undergraduate” and it has “come forward”.

Percent Format Options

New Data Format properties allows for an auto “scale for % (x100)”

Additional set of Analytics  functions

After doing “edit formula” and clicking the “insert function” a new set of options exist under a new “Analytics” folder.

Note that these options are available in the Data Visualization (DV) and may be easier to use there (see YouTube videos referred to at the beginning of this blog).

Export to Alta format from results tab

From the results tab when choosing “Show how results will look on a dashboard” it is now possible to choose format Alta.


Here is the Alta export

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