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Working out the version of a deployed AEK 2 project

As it stands, we currently don’t surface information about an AEK 2 project anywhere in App Manager, beyond the package name and screen name. Clients have often asked how how the query the version. This is often important when it comes to project maintenance.

The good news is this information is technically available. However, it’s somewhat difficult to get at. It involves logging into your web app, into the profile where the AEK menu option for the project is configured, and using the browser inspector on the AEK page after you click on it. I can’t recommend the native app for this, unless you can inspect the network traffic with something like Charles. However, even then, I can’t guarantee the metadata is the same as what this blog post is going to show you.

Basic Steps

  1. Open the web app you want to check. Please bear in mind that projects are deployed on a per-app basis. You might see different results in your Sandbox app compared to your Production app.
  2. Log into the profile that contains the configured, deployed project.
  3. Open the tile.
  4. Open your browser’s inspector / dev tools. On both Firefox and Chrome, for example, this can be accessed with either F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I (Cmd + Option + I on a Mac).
  5. Right-click anywhere on the AEK page itself and select “Inspect”. For quicker results, try and select any header on the page, or an element you know is relatively close to the document root.
  6. You then need to scroll up in the inspector until you find the <iframe> that contains the entire AEK project (at runtime). It should have a class prop of “cm-iframe” and a name prop of “web2AekFrame”.
  7. Underneath this should be an <html> tag that contains the data-aek-package prop. This is what you need. It contains the package screen, version and name.

Here’s an example:

We can see that the package is “mycu-remake”, and the screen is “transport”. This is one of our demo projects that contain a number of screens – it’s not just an AEK 2 project for subway information. The version is “0.0.46”.

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