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Getting Started Writing a Developer Network Blog Post

The Ex Libris developer community has a strong tradition of collaboration, and publishing a post on the Developer Network is a great way to share tips, tricks, success stories, how-to guides, and other content which can help your fellow developers fulfill the requirements of their respective institutions. In this post, we’ll walk through the process of writing a blog post and submitting it for publication.

The first thing you’ll need is a Developer Network account. If you don’t have one yet, click the Signup link in the menu bar.

Once you register/log in, click the Blog Posts section from the account screen:

Now, click the “Create a blog post” link to start your first post.

The blog post editor has a number of features to help you write and format your post. Some of the features are highlighted below:

  1. Add images using the “insert photo” menu button
  2. Use the style menu to add headings (Heading 2 or lower) to your post
  3. Use the format menu to add inline styling (bold, code, etc.)
  4. Use the code insert menu to add code samples. You can select the language for syntax highlighting.

Once you’ve finished writing your content, you can set additional properties on the lower half of the screen:

  1. Select the category/product(s) your post is relevant for
  2. Add a tag if desired. Begin typing to see options for existing tags
  3. Click the “submit” button to send your post for approval
  4. Click the “save draft” link if you’d like to save your post but it’s not yet ready for publication

Your post now appears in the “My Blog Posts” list. This list supports a few features:

  1. Status can be draft, pending approval, or published
  2. Edit your post
  3. Delete your post
  4. Preview your post (helpful for draft posts)

If you have questions or need additional guidance, write to us in the General Form. Happy blogging!



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