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Xserver external search

Description: JSP file to search using the xserver in the Digitool collection

Author: Yves Maurer

Institution: Centre Informatique de l’Etat

Year: 2010

License: BSD style

Short description: Use, modification and distribution of the code are permitted provided the copyright notice, list of conditions and disclaimer appear in all related material.

Link to terms: Detailed license terms

Skill required for using this code: Intermediate.

State: Stable

Programming language: JSP

Software requirements: None

Author(s) homepage


Working example

Using the following Ex Libris open interfaces: xserver

Release notes: Initial version.

Installation instructions
Install this jsp on a tomcat instance. I would recommend installing it on your own tomcat instead of re-using the Digitool internal one.

You can use different search parameters, or add base parameters to the search

string.String url = global_xserver + "X?op=find&adjacent=n&base=" + param_base + "&session=" + param_session + "&request=" + param_request;

Calling the jsp from an external page is as easy as using the following code:

<form method="post" action=""><input type="text" name="request" /><input type="submit" value="Go" /></form>


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