bX Recommender and bX Hot Articles are based on usage data gathered from institutions around the world.

  • The bX Recommender provides a ranked list of related resources for an item (predominantly articles). The relationship is created by the co-usage of resources. The rank within one relationship is calculated according to a co-usage network algorithm. As a result it enriches the user’s discovery experience by providing more relevant resources with less search effort.
  • bX Hot Articles provides a list of the most used articles for a subject. bX Hot Articles is a free service. The use of the API requires a token that can be requested here

bX Recommender

Web Services

DocID service

The Recommender DocId Service delivers recommended resources for an item identified by a bX document ID. This is for example used in conjunction with the Lookup Service

Lookup Service

The Lookup Service delivers a bX document ID for a resource identified by a set of OpenURL parameters. The document ID can then be used to query the actual recommendations with the DocID service.

OpenURL Service

The Recommender OpenURL Service delivers recommendations for a resource identified by a set of OpenURL parameters.

bX Hot Articles

Web Services

The Hot Articles API can be used to query the most used articles for a subject in a month and embed the service for example into a subject guide page. Input parameters include the desired topic and response format. The output can be HTML (view the output here), XML,  JSON, ATOM and RSS.