campusM APIs

Calling campusM APIs

campusM APIs are implemented in the REST style. This means that you can call these APIs from a variety of development environments, and even from your browser. In your external application, a call to an campusM API should be directed to the geographic location of your institution, as follows:

North America
Asia Pacific

When you call a campusM API, you must provide the API key and your institution’s unique campusM Org code to authenticate the request. Each campusM institution receives a unique API key and the associated Org ID from their Ex Libris support or project team for each of their apps, including Preview. If you are missing your organization’s API key or Org Code, please raise a support case.

The API key can be provided as a URL parameter, for example:​v1/​addons/​checkInReport?apikey=lx7abcdefghijklmnop

Alternatively, you can send the API key as an Authorization header as follows:

Authorization: apikey {APIKEY}

The following APIs should be accessed through the API Gateway


POST /​campusm/​v1/​axis2v3/​sendAlertsSend Alerts
POST /​campusm/​v1/​axis2v3/​setRolesUpdatedRefresh User Roles
GET/POST /​campusm/​v1/​addons/​checkInReportCheck In Report
GET/POST /​campusm/​v1/​addons/​insightExportDataInsight Export Data