Add Poll

This API service provides the ability to securely create new Quick Poll.

Resource URL 

POST /campusm/v1/addons/addPoll

URL Parameters 


The hostname corresponds to the region where your campusM instance is hosted. For getting started using API keys, your org code and calling your campusM regional API hostname, please refer to this.

Query string Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description 
apiKey xsd:string Required Supplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation 

Body Parameters 

Parameter Type Required Description 
orgCode xsd:int Required Supplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation 
roleDistributionxsd:stringRequired Comma-separated list of profiles and roles in the structure of [profile name]::[role name]
questionxsd:stringRequired Question of the poll
pollAnswer pollAnswer Required 1 – 5 repetitions of PollAnswer object (see below)
startTime xsd:dateTime Required Start time (in UTC) of the created Poll. The time must be in the future and in the format of “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss”
xsd:dateTimeRequiredEnd  time (in UTC) of the created poll. Must be later than the startTime value and in the format of “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss”
notificationxsd:intRequired0 or 1 value to decide if to send notifications. The default value is 0
notificationTitlexsd:stringOptionalIf the notification value is 1 this would be the notification title
notificationBodyxsd:stringOptionalIf the notification value is 1 this would be the notification body

Poll Answer 

Parameter Type Required Description 
answerxsd:string Required Answer option for the Poll question
responsexsd:stringOptionalResponse to be shown after choosing this answer. If this field is empty, the default response from App Manager would be shown. The value of this field can be only plain text in one single row – no break lines or HTML tags etc.
rolexsd:stringOptionalA comma-separated list of profiles and roles that would be added to users who choose this answer in the structure of [profile name]::[role name]

Enter the parameters as a raw text in the body of the request such as the following text and fill in the fields with actual data: 

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:cam="">
      <!--1 to 5 repetitions:-->
      <cam:NotificationBody>Notification Body</cam:NotificationBody>




This service returns a returnStatus object.. 


Field Type Description 
typexsd:String “S” for success, “Failure” for failure and “E” for unexpected error
desc xsd:string “Success” for success, failure reason in case of failure and the error message in case of unexpected error
timestamp xsd:dateTime Time stamp of the creation time


Sample Response


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <ns1:addPollResponse xmlns:ns1="">