Get Event Registration Summary

This RESTful API service provides the ability to get a summary of event registrations data.

Resource URL:

GET /campusm/v1/cmrest/eventRegistrations/<ORG CODE>/getRegistrations

Query string parameters

apiKeyStringRequiredSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation
productInstanceIdNumberRequiredThe Product integration number represents the Events instance. This can be found in the URL of the Product Integration Instance in App Manager:
eventIdStringOptionalAn event ID as registered in the system
titleStringOptionalThe event title
startTimeISO-Date (yyyy-MM-dd)OptionalThe beginning of time to check against (start time of the events)
endTimeISO-Date (yyyy-MM-dd)OptionalThe end of time to check against (start time of the events)
xsd:string Optional Define the User Attribute field name defined against your users. Should be combined with and attributeValue
attributeValuexsd:string Optional Define the User Attribute value to use to filter the results for a particular user

Notice: a request MUST contain either an event ID, a date range (startDate and endDate), or a Title and startDate

Path parameters

org CodeNumberRequiredSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation


Example<ORG CODE>/getRegistrations/?productInstanceId=<Product Integration ID>&eventId=<EVENT ID>


The service returns an EventsSummary JSON object



dataEventSummary:listA list of events



eventIdStringAn event ID as registered in the system
titleStringThe event’s title as displayed in the campusM application
dateISO-Date (yyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ)The timestamp of when the event start date as returned from the campusM application
attendeesEventAttendee:listThe list of users who have registered to the event



firstNameStringThe first name of a user
lastNameStringThe last name of a user
emailsString:listA list of emails associated with a user
checkedinBooleanIdentifies if the registered attendee checked in to the event to not


Sample Response

      "title":"Event Title",