Migrate Attendance Records API

This API service provides the ability to migrate a campusM user’s check-in data from one account (email address) to another.

This may be needed in the case of a student changing their email address, to continue to see the check-in data from the old email address and the new email address.

Resource URL:

GET /campusm/v1/cmrest/admin/products/attendance/<ORG CODE>/migrateAttendanceRecords

Query string parameters

apiKeyStringRequiredSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation
oldEmailStringRequiredThe old email to replace
newEmailStringRequiredThe new email to replace

Path parameters

Org CodeNumberRequiredSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation



https://api-eu.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/campusm/v1/cmrest/ admin/products/attendance /<ORG CODE>/migrateAttendanceRecords ?oldEmail=<oldEmail>&newEmail=<newEmail>


The service returns a success message or an error message in case of failure.

Sample response


"success": true,
"message":"success changed check-ins."