Add or Modify Attendance Check-in Records

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This API service provides the ability to add or edit an attendance check-in record to the system.

POST Method

Resource URL

POST campusm/v1/cmrest/admin/products/attendance/{orgCode}/addValidCheckInStudent

URL Parameters

org_codestringRequiredThe organisation  code as specified in the app configuration in the settings page of app manager


Query string Parameters

apiKeystringRequiredSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation
overridebooleanOptionaloverride boolean Optional If the check-in should override an existing check-in record

Body Parameters

orgCodeIntegerOptionalSupplied by Ex Libris as part of the implementation
userEmailStringRequiredStudents’ email address for the check-in record
event RefStringRequiredEvent Ref for the event record
eventStartDateOptionalEvent start time
eventEndDateOptionalEvent end time
deviceCheckinTimeDateOptionalUsed to provide check-in time stamp for alt check-in method
checkedInByStringRequiredAn identifier for the API for auditing


RequiredPossible values are: ‘validated’ (on success), ‘invalid’ (on failure), ‘unvalidated’ (could not validate), ‘studentAbsent’ (student absence check-in, if enabled), ‘lecturerAbsent’ (lecturer absence check-in, if enabled)

Enter the parameters as raw text in the body of the request:

    "orgCode": <orgCode>,
    "userEmail": <userEmail>,
    "eventRef": <eventRef>,
    "eventStart": <eventStart>,
    "eventEnd": <eventEnd>,
    "deviceCheckinTime": <deviceCheckinTime>,
    "checkedInBy": <checkedInBy>,
    "checkinStatus ": <checkinStatus>


URL –{orgCode}/addValidCheckInStudent?apiKey=<API KEY>

Body –

    "userEmail": "",
    "eventRef": "5b20ff42cd088",
    "eventStart": "2022-06-13",
    "eventEnd": "2022-06-20",
    "deviceCheckinTime": "2022-06-26T13:34:00.000",
    "checkedInBy": "",
    "checkinStatus ": "validated"


The service returns a success message or an error message in case of failure.


    "success": true,
    "message": "Saved check in successfully"