campusM (CLEK)

This section is provided to instruct campusM customers how to independently install, use and develop Connect Layer services using the campusM Connect Layer Extension Kit (CLEK) framework. When used in conjunction with customer-developed AEK front-end screens which invoke these services, the CLEK framework allows customers to add new end-to-end integration services to their campusM apps making the most of the campusM platform, and without the need for additional services from Ex Libris; this unlike Ex Libris-developed AEK front-end screens and Ex Libris-developed Connect Layer services which are not available for customer viewing or editing and remain Ex Libris’ sole intellectual property.


Technology and Scope

The CLEK Java-based utilities utilizes a Maven Web infrastructure, which implements the Spring Boot framework for building REST web services. This infrastructure allows customers to write custom REST services that support Web Application Authentication and campusM Application Authentication. The CLEK creates a customer-developed.war artefact which then can be deployed on the Connect Layer Tomcat server/s in parallel to the service package for Ex Libris-developed Connect Layer services.

CLEK is intended for customers who possess the ability /resource able to develop custom REST services in Java to be leveraged in the customer-developed campusM AEK screen development.