AEK usage of CLEK services

Using CLEK services in AEK projects

The usage of the CLEK in the customer-created AEK projects is very similar to non-CLEK end-points (as described here:, but  involves minor modifications in order to work with REST services rather than SOAP (Web) services.

  1. Define the endpoint for your Rest service in the App Manager.

It will be slightly different than the standard ones as they will not contain the standard campusM suffix ‘services/CampusMUniversityService’

i.e. (exampleExtensions/getGrades)

2. Invoke these end-points in the AEK as GET or POST.


Please note:

  1. Make sure to add “aek.respond(service.json)” in order to process the resposne as json and not as XML.
  2. For POST services, you can also set the request body as you can see in the code above. You can also set the headers as necessary.