campusM (AEK) NPM

The Application Extension Kit (AEK) is a web-based software development framework that enables you to create integration services. AEK enables you to harness device capabilities, such as GPS, NFC touchpoints, and screen rotation. AEK screens can incorporate other services, such as static content services. You can share and browse AEK code in a community repository.
Using AEK requires some experience with HTML and JavaScript, and it is useful to have experience in calling web services, parsing, JSON and XML

NPM or Node Package Manager is a way of allowing institutions to share their custom built packages of AEK (Application Extension Kit) tiles with the rest of the campusM community. One of the key benefits of the NPM is that it works within the Node JS framework that we have adopted within AEK 2.0.

In addition, utilizing the campusM NPM repositories, an institution can also take advantage packages within the public NPM repository which is located at

Accessing the campusM NPM

To access the campusM NPM please following these instructions:

Using the NPM

Within there are a number of functions that allow developers to work efficiently.

  1. Providing documentation for all campusM based tool set. These range from the AEK Lib to the AEK CSS. All with examples of code as well as documented properties and options that are available to a customer
  2. Storing all version of the code. This allows developers to roll back and to look at existing copies of the code base and see what has changed
  3. Sharing code internally as well as externally for use for other customers or troubleshooting with campusM Support teams.

An institution’s developer can view all of their projects as well as any projects that are publically available by logging into the with their App Manager credentials. This ensures that the information in the App Manager (user permissions) can be used and that the user doesn’t need to maintain multiple accounts.

You can read more in the Tech Blogs.