AEK Command Line Interface provides tools to create, deploy and manage your AEK projects.

The aim of this CLI is to provide an array of “commands” that can be user driven but also built into shell scripts.


With Node, NPM and Git installed run the following command:

npm install -g

See installation details for pre-installation steps and full installation details


To start the AEK and view a list of available commands, a user can simply type:


Or a user may wish to trigger a specific command directly, eg…

aek create

The interface will take the user through a series of menus and prompts to ascertain the specific options for that command.

Alternatively, for scripting purposes, the command and options can all be defined in a single command line. eg…

aek create my-new-project --boilerplate=my-org-boilerplate

For help and info on options…

aek help [command]