Development Tools


AEK is a standalone platform and doesn’t require any specific text editor to work. All editing can be done in notepad++ or equivalent software. However while developing AEK certain text editors and plugins have been used to make our lives easier and to make sure less mistakes are done while writing code. Below a recommended text editor for you to use and plugins.

Currently our developers are using Atom for our text editor and we continue to explore newer technologies and tools that may bring better performance or plugins for us to use.


Atom ( itself is a text editor which is based off JavaScript. The package itself is very “hackable” and can be customized to however you wish. We have created a small list of plugins which might be worthwhile to download. If you find any other plugins that you feel have benefited you while programming in AEK, please let us know and we will add these here.

Installation of Atom

To install atom simply go to Here you will be able to download the latest version. The installation of Atom is simple, once you have installed Atom then the task begins of customizing atom.

There are many themes and addition plugins that you can install for Atom. Please feel free to checkout the atom website to see the latest plugin and themes:

How to Install Packages and Themes

Atom comes with its own package manager which you can access while using Atom. The following steps outline the easiest way of getting your packages and themes added.

To install packages or themes first you need to open Atom.

Once Atom is open go to the top bar and do the following: “Packages > Settings View > Install Packages/Themes”

From here you can install the packages by using the search box to search for the packages.

These are:

language-babelBabel es6 syntax highlighting will allow it to detect .jsx files used for reactJS
language-ectUsed for highlighting .ect files, used for screens construction
linter Informing on any errors or problems within your code as you write

Please note that a .eslintrc configuration file has been added to projects. This is a standard file just allowing you to know what rules are in place. Feel free to change these rules if you feel they are not to your liking and this will go with the project. However be aware any new projects will default back to the standard file.