Cloud Apps Manifest

The Cloud App manifest is the file which describes the functionality and technical capabilities of the Cloud App. The information contained in the manifest provides information to the Cloud App framework which determines how the app is displayed in Alma and what the app is permitted to do.

The following describes the properties supported in the manifest file:

titleThe app’s title, displayed in the Cloud App list and the header of the app when open. String or translated label.
subtitleThe app’s subtitle, displayed in the Cloud App list. String or translated label.
descriptionThe app’s description, displayed in the Cloud App list. String or translated label.
authorThe app’s author, displayed in the Cloud App list.
licenseLink to the license for the app
contentSecurityDescribes the features of the app which require it to leave the sandbox. The following properties are supported:

For more information, see the tutorial on “Reaching outside your app“.

pagesA list of pages or links which are used in the Cloud App framework. Each value can be either a route in the app (preceded by a /#/) or a link out (preceded by https://). The following properties are supported:

  • settings: Linked to in the app menu with a gearbox
  • config: Linked to in the app menu with a toolbox. The link is displayed for a user with the General System Administrator role (see the Configuration Service documentation).
  • help: Linked to in the app menu with a question mark
iconThe icon used for the app in the Cloud App list and the app title. Supports the following properties:

  • type: font or url.
  • value: the font class or url
    • If type font, the class from the Font Awesome icons (e.g. fa fa-graduation-cap).
    • If type url, the url of an image on the Internet or in the app’s asset folder (e.g./assets/my-app-logo.png). For best results, the logo should be 370 px by 260 px and should have a full color background.
entitiesA list of entities (from the EntityType list) supported by the app. When Alma is displays an entity of a type listed, the app will be highlighted in the app list.
fullscreenAn indication if the app supports fullscreen mode. The following properties are available:

  • allow: True if the app supports fullscreen. If true, a fullscreen icon will be displayed in the app menu
  • open: True if the app should be opened in fullscreen by default.
When developing a Cloud App with the Cloud App CLI, changes to the manifest are applied only when the app is restarted.

Translated label

Descriptive text in the manifest file (title, subtitle, and description) support a translated label. This is an array of objects with the language code and the text:

  "title": [
      "lang": "en",
      "text": "This is my title"
      "lang": "es",
      "text": "Este es mi titulo"



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