Customizing Your Cloud App in the App List

Ex Libris Developer Network Ex Libris Cloud Apps Tutorials Customizing Your Cloud App in the App List

There are a number of ways to customize the way your Cloud App appears in the list of available Cloud Apps. The image below displays how the corresponding entries in the manifest.json file appear in the app list.


Title, subtitle, and description

You can provide text for each of these entries. (Note that these text fields also support internationalization. For more information, see the tutorial.)

  "title": "CloudApp Tutorials",
  "subtitle": "Accompanying code for the CloudApp tutorials in the Developer Network",
  "description": "The Ex Libris Developer Network includes a number of detailed tutorials which demonstrate various capabilities of CloudApps. For more information, see"


You can customize the icon for your app. Two options are available: a font-based icon from the FontAwesome library, or an image.

  • To select a font-based icon, use the css class specified in the icon’s description, eg. fa fa-graduation-cap.
  • To select an image, specify the path. Images can either be included in your app’s assets folder. Images should be placed on a full color background and should be according to the specification in the manifest documentation.

Snippet for a font-based icon:

"icon": {
  "type": "font",
  "value": "fa fa-graduation-cap"
Snipped for an image:

"icon": {
  "type": "url",
  "value": "/assets/touchnet-logo.png"


Your app’s license terms can be linked to from the app list as well. Enter the URL for your app’s license into the manifest and the app list will include the link in the terms section.

When developing a Cloud App with the Cloud App CLI, changes to the manifest are applied only when the app is restarted.