General Purpose

This service retrieves the OAI XML format of an expanded document as given by the user.

Input Parameters

1. BASE – X (20).
2. FORMAT – X (5).
3. DOC_NUMBER – X (9).

  • Base: Enter the base in which the given document resides.
  • Format / Record_Format: marc, marc_latin, or dc. Format is not mandatory and the default is marc.
  • Doc_Number / Doc_Num: The document for which you want to get OAI XML format.

Output XML Format

The XML output includes the OAI format of the given document. The fields included in the XML are based on the expand procedures defined in tab_expand of the given base for WWW-X.

If you want to get OAI XML for document 444 in GEN01, enter the following URL:


If successful, the example above generates XML output similar to the following:

        <fixfield id="FMT">BK</fixfield>
        <fixfield id="LDR">00647nam^^2200181K^^45^^</fixfield>
        <varfield id="SID" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="b">LAD</subfield>
          <subfield label="c">ACJ71282</subfield>
        <fixfield id="005">20001223000000.0</fixfield>
        <fixfield id="008">861205s1811^^^^gw^^^^^^^^^^^^^00^0^lat^d</fixfield>
        <varfield id="035" i1="9" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">3236741</subfield>
        <varfield id="035" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">(OCoLC)14926036</subfield>
        <varfield id="040" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">CLU</subfield>
          <subfield label="c">CLU</subfield>
        <varfield id="100" i1="1" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">Cicero, Marcus Tullius.</subfield>
        <varfield id="245" i1="0" i2="0">
          <subfield label="a"                                                                                    gt;De officiis libritres.</subfield>
          <subfield label="c"gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;Recenwww_gt;R et scholiis Jacobi
Facciolati suisque animadversionibus instruxit Aug. Gotth.
        <varfield id="260" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">Lipsiae,</subfield>
          <subfield label="b">Apud Gerhardum
          <subfield label="c">1811.</subfield>
        <varfield id="300" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">xxxii, 464 p.</subfield>
        <varfield id="700" i1="1" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">Facciolati, Jacobo,</subfield>
          <subfield label="d">1682-1769.</subfield>
        <varfield id="700" i1="1" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">Gernhard, August

          <subfield label="d">1777-1845.</subfield>
        <varfield id="852" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">LAD</subfield>
          <subfield label="b">SRLF</subfield>
          <subfield label="j">AA0004401121</subfield>
          <subfield label="p">AA0004401121</subfield>
        <varfield id="901" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="a">LAD</subfield>
          <subfield label="b">ACJ71282</subfield>
        <varfield id="CAT" i1="" i2="">
          <subfield label="c">20020505</subfield>
          <subfield label="l">USM90</subfield>
          <subfield label="h">1001</subfield>

Possible Error Codes

1. If you provided a format different to marc or marc_latin, the following error message appears in the XML output:

<error>Format must be marc or marc_latin</error>

2. If the document given can not be found under the base you have given:

<error>Error reading Document</error>