General Purpose

This service retrieves a list of libraries according to the given library type.

The list of libraries is taken from the DTL_LIBS environment variable according to the library type defined in tab100 in the TAB100-LIBRARY-TYPE field where the following: 1-ADMIN type and 2-SILO type.

Input Parameters

1. TYPE – PICTURE X(10).

TYPE: There are three valid types of library: ADMIN, SILO or ALL. This X-Service retrieves a list of the libraries that belong to the defined library type.

Output XML Format

The output XML includes all libraries that belong to the given type. For each library, the library code, name, and type, are returned. The output also includes the number of libraries that have been retrieved.

To get a list of all the ADMIN libraries, enter the following URL:


If successful, the output XML includes all ADMIN libraries:

<sds:lib-list xmlns:sds="http://com/exlibris/digitool/sds/xmlbeans">

Possible Error Codes

1. If the lib_list X-Service is activated without type having been entered, the following message appears in the output XML:

<error>Invalid Library type. Insert ADMIN, SILO or ALL.</error>