General Purpose

This service retrieves all information related to a given patron if the ID and verification code provided match.

If not, an error message is returned.
Input Parameters

1. LIBRARY – X (5).
2. BOR_ID – X (20).

Since this X-Service calls check_bor_id with the GUI check type, the Verification field is not mandatory.

  • Library: Enter the code of the library where the full information on the patron resides.
  • Bor_Id / Identification/ ID: Type the Patron ID for which you want to receive full information.
  • Verification: Enter the password of the patron’s ID.

Output XML Format

The output XML includes all the information for the patron ID you enter.

To retrieve all the information for patron 00238154, enter the following URL:


If successful, the example above generates XML output containing all the relevant information.

    <z312-institute />
    <z312-name-key>dep PATRON1</z312-name-key>
    <z312-con-lng />
    <z312-title />
    <z312-zip />
    <z312-telephone-2 />

Possible Error Codes

1. If this X-Service is activated without a patron ID having been entered, the following error message appears in the XML output:

<error>ID is missing</error>

2. If, for some reason, an error occurs when the system checks the verification, the following message appears:

<error>Failed to Login</error>