General Purpose

This service logs off (ends the session of) a user according to its PDS_ID.

If the tab100 parameter TAB100-ACCESS-AUTHORIZE is set to N or not defined, the logoff is not executed and no error message appears.

Input Parameters

1. PDS_ID – PICTURE X(50).

PDS_ID: A PDS ID given by the PDS server when the user logs in to the system.

Output XML Format

The output XML only includes the session ID. There is no actual output.

To log off a staff user with PDS_ID=2732005832431507272005332438, enter the following URL:

http://ram7: 8175/X?op=log_off_id&PDS_ID=2732005832431507272005332438

If successful, the output XML includes:


Possible Error Codes

1. If the log_off_id X-Service is activated without pds_id having been entered, the following message appears in the output XML:

<error>Missing PDS id</error>

2. If the log_off_id X-Service is activated with a pds_id that does not exist in the Z62 table (Z62-PDS-HANDLE field):

<error>No session for PDS id</error>

3. If the deletion from theZ62 table or Z312M tables fails:

<error>Session delete action failed</error>