Importing Research Grants

Esploro has a grants loader for loading grants information into Esploro. The loader is located under the Research configuration wizard (Research Management > Import Research Grants). With this loader grants information can be imported into Esploro when migrating from other systems or for an ongoing synchronization between a grants management system and Esploro.

All users with the Configuration Manager role enabled can access this loader.

Importing Sources

You can import from the following sources:

  • Upload a file.
  • Upload files from an FTP connection using the connection details defined in your system.
    For more information on managing FTP connection, see Configuring S/FTP Connections

The FTP option lets you define a sub-directory where the xml files should be located. All xml files that are in this directory and their updated date is newer than the updated date of the last file loaded will be processed.

Grant Fields Validations

Some of the grant’s fields require certain values to be loaded into Esploro:

  • Dates – dates must end in the YYYYMMDD Invalid dates will not be imported
  • Category – a list of codes from the EsploroGrantCategoryTypes For more information see Configuring Grants and Projects.
  • ResearchTopicCode – a list of codes from the Esploro discipline table. For more information see Research Topics.
  • Type – must be AWARDED.
  • Status – if empty, the default value is set to ACTIVE. One of the following values must be used: HISTORY, INACTIVE, or ACTIVE.

For more information about the grant fields, see Managing Grant Information.

Import Process

For more information about running the import process, see Importing Research Grants.

Each grant must have a unique funderCode and grantID value pair. In a unique pair, one of the values must be different from a value in another pair. For example, two funder codes can have the same grant ID as long as the funder codes are different. Similarly, two grant IDs can have the same funder code as long as the grant IDs are different. This is known as a unique pair. In a non-unique pair, both values are the same as each other. The system rejects all non-unique pairs as duplicates.  Updating of grants will be supported in the future.

For viewing and editing the grants that were imported, see Managing Grant Information.

Input File structure (XSD)

The schema is research_grant_schema.