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    GUI in English ver (Fig.2) CANNOT transform the raw XML file to render the html, but no problem in GUI-Chinese ver to show those html display of proper xml selected fields

    Have already checked that pc_display_on is already set ON.

    The issues involve those HTML templates in user-cash, item-current-summary, item-expand, record-bibliograpy, etc, in Circulation and Cataloging Module as stated in “System Libaian’s Guide-General ver.20.0, section”

    Any way to fix the problem, or the ckeck point to see where is the origin of this issue.

    IS that related to the code error as in directory XXX01_dev/XXX01/fom_eng ?

    Pls advice, thanks


    Recently just restart the server. The problem is just solved partly
    Previous the CIRC-module item-current-summary, item-expand, loan details are OK.

    But new problem appear of cannot display exist in
    ILL-module ( Batch Job details/ Potential suppler info/ Request’s messages )
    CIRC-module (Batch Job details/ Cash details/ Batch job / Course details)
    CAT-module (Batch Job details/ Overview-Bib info for CCT01 and CCT50/ Bibliograpic Info)

    Any advice on this, really cannot understand why?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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