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    Michael Simmons

    How do I copy notes and tags?

    I’m trying to automate a long lengthy manual process where in the library prepares the data for the course loader.
    i.e when an instructor is assigned to a blackboard course we automatically create the course in Leganto with the blackboard LTI course code, instructors, student numbers, start and end dates and so on and then locate the previous Course and roll over (copy) its reading lists and citations.
    I’m trying to do this via the REST API. And it seems to have lots of holes.
    Whats the point of even having and api to read and write reading lists and citations if it can only do a partial job.

    Ideally I’d want API function that takes a source and destination course and uses the Course Loader Roll over rules and options to roll over the reading lists and citations.

    I send
    “note”: [
    “content”: “Michael was here”,
    “creation_date”: “2020-06-18Z”,
    “created_by”: “XXXXXX”,
    “type”: “Library”
    “content”: “Michael was here also”,
    “creation_date”: “2020-06-18Z”,
    “created_by”: “XXXXXX”,
    “type”: “Instructor”

    and get back
    “note”: []

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