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    United States Food and Drug Administration 01FDA_INST

    Can someone with experience check my logic before I ask my developer to start on this, please? If I’m reading the APIs and documentation correctly, it looks like you do the following to create records in a collection (repository) in Alma:
    1. Create a collection and appropriate sub-collections ahead of time in Alma if there isn’t a need to do it via the API.
    2. Create a bibliographic entry for each title that will go into the collection, including the relevant metadata about the title, in Marc format using the Create Record API.
    3. Add that bibliographic record to the collection using the Add Bib to a Collection API
    4. For each bib record, then create a digital representation using the Create Representation API
    5. For each representation, then upload the digital file (PDF typically) using the Create Representation File API

    What I’m also wondering is if the bib record can be created along with the digital representation like you do in Alma directly under Add Digital Representation with a new entry. It appears that collections, in general, allow me to include digital, electronic, and print if desired.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Opher Kutner

    The API flow you describe is basically correct, however please note that you do not actually upload a file with the Create Representation File API, but rather reference a file that has already been uploaded to your S3 folder, as described in the documentation (

    If you are regularly adding digital titles to pre-existing collections, you can submit your content to Alma using the SWORD protocol, creating a bibliographic record and digital inventory in a single transaction (see


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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