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    Aaron Krebeck

    In our consortium, we have adopted a shared periodical policy that only retains one copy of each volume of a particular journal. This allows libraries to save space while also ensuring that we do not lose the last copy of a print journal. The downside for discovery is that it means a title like the Journal of American Medical Association might have 10 volumes at one university, 10 volumes at another, 10 volumes at another, etc. We don’t really want the user to have to sort through long lists of holdings to determine which school has the exact volume they need. Are there recommendations for how to do this in Primo VE? We’d really like the ability to place requests at the title level as is possible with monographs, but instead do this for the shared periodicals. Perhaps a way to present the digitization or volume request features at the title level for our shared periodicals? Has anyone done this?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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