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    I have a couple questions regarding the FullFlowExample include with the Rosetta SDK for version 5.3

    Out of the box, simply by changing the *_WSDL_URL Strings, the application works — without ftp-ing the SIP directory to my server. This makes me believe that rosetta is ingesting from a directory already on the server. For the given Material Flow, 5, and user ‘Demo Internal Producer’, the NFS path in my Submission Format is


    However, tweaking the mets file in the DepositExample1 subdirectory (I changed the title) seems to have no effect on the submission. Where is the SIP directory on the Rosetta server if not on the specified path?

    Second, when I attempt to change the user and the material flow, and ftp the directory that the FullFlowExample app creates to the location where my submission jobs run via the UI, the app will fail with code 60060, Invalid Producer ID — Even though the ID is correct (at least so far as my work in the UI is concerned.

    So, bottom line is that I need to know what variables to tweak in the example, and exactly where to place the sip directory that it creates.

    Please let me know if my question does not make sense! In the meantime, I will keep trying!



    Hi Bill,

    1. What you are doing is totally correct, the path in the Submission Format affiliated with the Material flow is the place where the processed deposit packages exist. So I am not sure why your tweak didn’t work… keep looking around it must be something simple that is missing.

    2. Regarding the producer id – make sure the institution is correct. Also make sure that the Material Flow you are using is added to the Producer profile. Same here keep looking around it must be something simple that is missing.

    It looks like you are doing the correct things, just got to get the small parts of the configuration together.

    Rosetta Development


    Thanks Zvi!

    I’m getting closer — I find that if I leave the credentials as they are — admin1 with the default password, the code works. Of course I need to run the code twice for now, once to create the submission directory (after which I copy it to the rosetta server in the directory specified by the Submission Format config) . Then I run it again, redundantly creating the directory and successfully submitting the on server side.

    When I substitute my login credentials however, I’m still erroring out with the Invalid Producer ID (these are the same credentials I use to run the same job via the UI).

    You suggest I make sure I log into the correct institution — that would be ‘INS00’, but we do have a choice of institutions once I am logged in. Do I need to further specify one of those? And if so, how?

    Thanks for your help!



    You have probably already checked this, but just in case with your own credentials, make sure that you give your own user account the necessary roles with what you are doing.

    For example, for the DataManagerServicesWS I have to have the data manager full role.



    Thanks Steve! That’s actually what the problem was!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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