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    we are using a migration plugin to convert pdf to pdf/a in preservation. Works fine but now we want to add a report of all changes during migration to the IE. This seems not to be possible during the preservation plan. So we are thinking about using the Update Metadata Job. It might be possible to create the report in the migration plugin and copy it into a path for the Update Metadata Job to be attached to the IE later.
    But we need the IE PID. The only params rosetta communicates to the plugin is the input file name/path and the output directory path.
    Is the IE PID encoded in the path, so I can use it in the migration plugin for creating the sourceMD?



    I’m afraid it’s not possible to get the IE PID this way. However, I would like to pursue this the ‘proper’ way, i.e. getting this into the preservation plan flow. Would you be willing to post your use case to the Rosetta mailing list for further discussion, and then to Idea Exchange?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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