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    Our team has a new project where we have to send alerts to CampusM via the CampusM send alerts service. We are building the client in .NET Core with the svcutil (4.7.2). We are running into issues where elements of type int are not being added to the generated SOAP XML notification request envelope, and even if we intercept the request before sending via a message inspector interface and add those elements, the service is sending back an error saying that a required element defined in the schema cannot be found in the request (but we are verifying that that the element is indeed included in the request). Finally, we see that the client does not support https endpoint calls, only (unsecured) http ones.

    I have submitted a case as well as joined and posted to the general Slack channel. Does anyone here have experience with making CampusM SOAP service calls from .NET and can point us in the right direction?

    Thank you!

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