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    I’ve run into a number of items that I can’t request. The api returns a “No items can fulfill the submitted request”.

    Why can’t some items be requested? Is there any way to determine this in advance of actually placing the request and getting an error message?

    What should I be looking for to help troubleshoot this?




    Hi David,

    Top two reasons I can think of are:
    1) Fulfillment policy misconfiguration.
    2) Mistake in the software (a.k.a bug).

    My recommendation for discerning between the two options:
    Try requesting the problematic item via the Alma UI –
    a. If it can be requested in the UI, it’s probably a bug; open a case.
    b. If it can’t be requested in the UI either, verify the fulfillment policy configuration is as expected.
    If the configuration is as expected, it may be a bug; open a case.

    Best regards,
    Alma Development

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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