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    Frank Lützenkirchen

    Dear all,

    regarding Primo VE normalizatino:
    Is there anything known how the undocumented normalization actions prima_w_relation and prima_x_relation work?
    They are mentioned in
    and occur in varios default rules.

    prima_x_relation seems to handle ISSN and ISBN,
    prima_w_relation seems to handle the record control number.

    But what do they exactly do, under which preconditions?

    Kind regards

    OliviaKind OliviaKind

    maybe I’ll say off-topic, but Primo VE’s approach to RSS appears not to be useful. It’s also a little worrisome that the link field falls back to http instead of https or back to the original

    The documentation at says “Subscribe to the feed if your browser.” but browsers generally don’t embed RSS readers nowadays. I added the Awesome RSS Firefox extension, which adds a “Subscribe to RSS” icon when it detects a feed in a page, but Primo VE’s approach doesn’t trigger it. To trigger the Awesome RSS icon, the link to the RSS feed would have to be embedded in the Omni “My Favorites” page. It is not triggered by a page of XML that changes to an empty RSS feed as soon as the URL is resubmitted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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