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    Asger Blekinge

    Is there any way, using the API, to print a slip.

    Using the ALMA GUI, it is clear how to select a request and print a slip. But there seems to be no similar way to do so via the API. I can retrieve all the same information as goes into the print, but I cannot make use of the ALMA XSL Letter transformations if I want to print.

    Is this really right, or have I missed something?

    My use case: I need to daily print all the unprinted requests in “Pick From Shelf”. I could have a user do it, but really, should this not be something that could be done with a program?

    Should I look into integration profiles? There might be something about periodic tasks there.

    Tami Fuches

    We have the “Task Lists” APIs ( see in
    There are 2 APIs for “Requested Resources” which are parallel to the “Pick from shelf” list in Alma UI:
    – One API is for retrieving the list
    – The second API is for marking as printed

    The report preparation – based on the returned information, should be done in the calling application.

    I hope this helped,

    Asger Blekinge

    Thanks Tami, but this does not really help.

    I can retrieve the list with the GET operation, and I can mark it as printed with the POST operation.

    But I wanted to use the ALMA ability to print, rather than having the style the output myself. As ALMA can clearly print the letters, it seems weird that I can only do this through the GUI, and not through the API.

    This forces me to build my own system for formatting the output as printable and bypass the ALMA letter system. And if a user, heavens forbid, actually press print slip, I have to ensure that the ALMA printed slip looks somewhat like the one my system would have printed.

    I understand the logic behind the design here. Without a login, you do not have a printer assigned. When using the API you do not log in, you use an API key, and thus do not have printer assigned. Thus, you cannot print. But it is a PITA for us.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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