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    Haifa University 972HAI_MAIN

    The Addresses section of the “Contact Information” tab in the Alma record for a Resource Sharing Partner
    includes a ‘Note’ field for entering text. But the Resource Sharing Partners API does not retrieve the content of this field.
    (Just to clarify, I stress that I refer to the ‘Note’ field in the address element, not the distinct ‘Notes’ tab of the
    partner record.)
    For some reason, when we migrated from Aleph to Alma, address details for resource partners were
    stored in this Note field, rather than in the designated address fields. This is admittedly not a desirable situation,
    but that’s where the address is stored, and I need to retrieve it for a local application. Is it possible to revise the API
    to include this material?
    Thank you
    Yosef Branse
    University of Haifa Library

    Ori Miller

    Dear Yosef,
    The field address_note is in the XSD but Alma’s API doesn’t handle it – We’ll fix it in March 2020 release.
    Alma API Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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