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    Wade Guidry

    When a user creates a saved search in Primo VE, the saved search includes an RSS icon that allows a user to generate an RSS feed from that search.

    An example URL generated by the RSS icon appears as follows:

    When you click on this link the first time, you see well-formatted RSS XML.

    But the link only works one time. Subsequent clicks result in an essentially empty RSS feed with a link to the Primo VE instance.

    I’m wondering, based on the “addRSS” action in the URL, whether this URL only creates the RSS feed, but does not serve as the persistent link.

    Unfortunately, the link field in the feed only references the Primo VE instance, and not the feed itself:

    I cannot find any reference to how a persistent link for the RSS feed should be constructed.

    Maybe it is an oversight that the link is not provided in the Primo VE UI, or in the feed itself?

    Any suggestions or information appreciated.

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    Dan Scott

    Agreed, came here to say the same thing. Primo VE’s approach to RSS appears not to be useful. It’s also a little worrisome that the link field falls back to http instead of https.

    The documentation at says “Subscribe to the feed if your browser has an RSS reader.” but browsers generally don’t embed RSS readers nowadays. I added the Awesome RSS Firefox extension, which adds a “Subscribe to RSS” icon when it detects a feed in a page, but Primo VE’s approach doesn’t trigger it. To trigger the Awesome RSS icon, the link to the RSS feed would have to be embedded in the Omni “My Favourites” page. It is not triggered by a page of XML that changes to an empty RSS feed as soon as the URL is resubmitted.

    Katrina Rahn

    I am interested in this issue as well. I think it would be a useful way for our reference librarians to share search results in libguides. If it doesn’t really function well, do we just move on to a permalink to the search? I am assuming that the resulting URL from a search is persistent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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