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    Daniel Sandbecker


    The letters API conveniently provides links to the code tables for the corresponding labels, and just like the letter templates the labels can be updated via the API. This opens up for handling templates and letters together in version control, something we have wished for.

    Unfortunately there is no documentation on how translations for the labels can be updated. For the “Retrieve Code-table” call, lang is listed as a parameter. With “lang=sv” appended to the URL, I can read the translations. The JSON-data is formatted the same as for the default language, but with the “description” field now containing the Swedish translation, and the nested field langauge.value set to ‘sv’.

    For the “Update Code-table” API, the lang-parameter is not listed. If I try to PUT the edited data back in to Alma without the parameter (but including ‘sv’ in language.value field in the data), it will overwrite the default language. If I specify lang=sv in the URL anyway, nothing will be updated but the response will include the old Swedish translation.

    (Since the field for the translation in the Alma interface is not “Description” but “Translation” I’ve tried to rename the field before trying to upload it, but to no avail.)

    Is there a way to update the letter translations through the API? Will there be?

    Kind regards

    Ori Miller

    Sorry for that, we should have documented the API’s limitations.
    I added this line now:
    “…doesn’t currently support updating translations, restoring a row, and ‘Manage in Network’ functionality.”
    We plan to enhance this API (and have it support translations), aiming for next year, but as I see your point we’ll try to have it done earlier.
    Alma API Team

    Helgi Steindal


    Being able to change the Icelandic translations for the letter labels is something we would also be very interested in. At the moment we are trying to figure out how to manage and keep track of the letters, we have 300 libraries and it seems that a lot of them want their letters to be customised.


    Helgi Steindal

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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